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Team Pacquiao GG Signed Jersey

team pacquiao gg

Team Pacquiao GG is the gaming, esports, lifestyle and content brand of Manny Pacquiao, internationally renowned boxer, and eight-division world champion. With the ambition to be the national team of the Philippines, Team Pacquiao GG has a core focus on community, competition, and charity — these values drive our ambition to inspire and provide opportunities to gamers in the Philippines and beyond.


Team Pacquiao GG's resident shoutcaster, tournament host and SEA esports insider, Shin Boo will serve as TPGG’s content host. 


Facebook gaming sensation, national TV personality and  a leading female creator, Kimbie will team up with Wrecker to tackle Mobile Legends.

ghost wrecker

Filipino esports legend and one of the country’s two biggest gaming personalities, Ghost Wrecker will lead TPGG's charity activations.

een mercado

The Philippines’ first female esports pro turned Valorant ace and leading streamer, Een will become a pro team ambassador and lead TPGG’s female empowerment initiatives.


YouTube giant, gaming and lifestyle streamer, and the Philippines’ most popular fisherman, Gloco will form the corner of our lifestyle content.


Community is an essential part of Team Pacquiao GG, we value the opportunities we can present to the people of the Philippines and as such we have ambition to be hosting numerous gaming events soon.
These tournaments will stretch across numerous games, will be free to enter and see a portion of proceeds go back into the community.

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